Genesis Plots

Building real wealth with virtual assets.


Phase 1

Q&A - Get to know the project and the team

Prior to the mint, we will be hosting Q&A sessions via Twitter Space & Discord.
Phase 2

Time to mint

5555 NFT’s in 3 rounds

15% minted:
ETH airdrops to lucky holders.

40% minted:
Metaverse plots airdropped to lucky holders.

70% minted:
Voting protocol integration to define the future of the project together.

100% minted:
Holders receive smart contracts for personal metaverse units in Genesis City.
Phase 3

Time to Invest

Time to pick out the plots and plan Genesis City.
Phase 4

Time to make some money

Construction of G-Plots & Genesis Towers.
Phase 5

To be continued…

Join us and find out.


What is the metaverse?

Why get into virtual real estate?

What is Genesis Plots NFT?

Who can buy a Genesis Plots NFT?

When can I buy a Genesis Plots NFT?

How do I get a Genesis Plot NFT?


Since 2017 our team has been active in real estate and tech development, growing a large strategic partner network of tech developers, brand partners and investors. In 2017, we founded MyRide, a luxury on-demand chauffeur service for your car, operating via App in Vienna.

In 2018, we founded our real estate agency Boom Living together with our investment partner P.A. Prinzhorn.

Since 2022, we have partnered with one of Austria’s largest real estate firms. We are convinced that our experience in real estate, along with strong relationships with valuable partners such as large scale investors, visualization studios and architects enable us to capitalize successfully in the metaverse and together with you, our community, make strategic decisions which the project will benefit from.
Genesis Plots NFT team member tech G


Nikita Neznamov

Operations, UX and tech G.
Genesis Plots NFT team member community G


Wenzel Waechter

NFT enthusiast and community G.
Genesis Plots NFT team member brand G


Jacob Kapsch

Legal and brand G.
Genesis Plots NFT team member research G


Philipp Kornfeld

Financials and research G.
Genesis Plots NFT team member Investment G


Philip Prinzhorn

Investment G.

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Building real wealth with virtual assets.
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